Young Lions Competitions Kazakhstan 2022
Public Fund "Kotopes" was established in 2012 by the efforts of several people. This is a charitable organization in Almaty, Kazakhstan that rescues homeless animals in distress. To this day, the foundation exists solely through charitable contributions. The main activity of the foundation is the rescue, treatment and socialization of homeless animals, as well as the search for owners for them.

Our goal is to reduce the number of homeless animals on the streets of the city by sterilizing and neutering those pets that we manage to cure and save.
We are a public organization and our activities depend on the support of society - these are companies and people who share our goal and are not indifferent to the fate of homeless animals.

At the end of 2018, a cat shelter was opened in Almaty within the framework of the foundation. Over the three years of the shelter's operation, about 500 cats and kittens have been rescued and adopted, and about 4,000 animals have been rescued over the entire period of the foundation's existence.

The founders of the foundation, Maria Benevolenskaya and Marina Lezhneva, began their volunteer activities around helping homeless animals in 2012, and this activity continues to be a volunteer activity for them. They have a main job, due to which they and their families live, but all their free time is spent on rescuing, treating and caring for animals in trouble.


The population receives information about a cat or dog that needs help, usually these are messages in direct (Instagram) with a photo or video.

Further, the curator from the foundation determines which clinic the pet should be taken to, at the same time she finds out whether the finder can somehow participate in the rescue (transport to the clinic, shelter after treatment), negotiates with the clinic and looks for transport for transportation.

The Foundation publishes a post on Instagram with information about the animal, and as soon as the animal goes to the clinic, a collection is opened, during treatment it is actively looking for a temporary or permanent home for the animal, if by the time of discharge the animal is not located, the animal goes to the shelter, where after the mandatory procedures (sterilization, vaccination, deworming) the search for hosts begins.

During treatment (including surgery), we regularly inform you about the state of health and the costs associated with this case. Our subscribers and their friends indicate the name of the animal when sending donations so that there is no confusion and everyone receives targeted assistance.

It is clear that the process of saving animals from trouble is still endless and it is impossible to collect the amount necessary for treatment every time. Therefore, the Fund has a lot of accumulated debts in veterinary clinics.

So far, we are searching for owners for all animals only through Instagram and in our environment.

When someone wants to adopt a cat or a dog, we will definitely meet in person and talk with the person in order to understand the seriousness of the intentions.
During the transfer of the pet to new owners, a guardianship agreement is filled out, according to which we can check how the animal is doing in the new family. Thanks to affiliate programs such as “Road Home”, the stress level for new owners is reduced as he/she understands that we are not leaving him/her alone with a new home pet.

More information here.
One of the problems we face is the overcrowding of our shelter. It is designed for a comfortable stay of 50 cats (a place for quarantine, a place for treatment, a place for healthy ones ready for adoption), but now we have about 100 cats. We really need new families for all healthy cats.

We understand that the distribution of all cats to new families will solve the issue for a short time and after a certain period of time we will again have a bust with temporary residents.

But, if cats are taken apart on an ongoing basis, then there will be no overpopulation. We need a constant flow of people eager to have a cat or cats.

When the shelter is fully loaded, we have less and less opportunity to treat, restore new animals from the street. And they keep on coming all the time.
We make the process of choosing and adopting a pet from our shelter as stress-free as possible:
  • The cats of our shelter are represented on Instagram accounts through photos, names and stories behind each animal.
  • Each cat is handed over to the owner in a special disposable carrier (created specifically for this purpose by Mars, a pet food manufacturer).
  • Complete with a carrier, we transfer food on the first day so that the owners do not worry “what does he/she eat and how often?”
  • Each pet is accompanied by a passport indicating the vaccinations made and the sterilization operation.
  • We conclude an agreement with each owner, under which he undertakes to report on the condition of his pet, and in return receives a year of free service at the veterinary clinic, including even a veterinary taxi to the clinic and back.
  • There are so many different cats in the shelter that anyone who thinks about a fluffy pet will not be able to leave us without one.
  • Create awareness that by taking a pet from our shelter, Almaty residents help all sick or injured homeless animals in the city. The more free space we have, the more help we can provide to animals in need.
  • To spread the idea that the work that we do in the foundation can be done by every city dweller who loves animals.
Pets that did not grow up in love and affection from a young age, but went through the difficulties of life on the street, much more appreciate the fact that they now live in a warm homely atmosphere without having to look for food every day.
Everyone who consciously brought a cat home, sooner or later, thinks about another one.
Almaty citizens active in social networks aged 20-45:
  • Who already have a sense of respect for animals. They have already got a pet, having bought a baby in a store, in a market or taken from friends. They understand what life with a pet is connected with, and this life no longer frightens them.
  • Who are in a restless state due to difficulties / problems of a personal nature or related to a career. These people still cannot find sufficient support among relatives, friends, and colleagues. They are able to have a pet, but this thought is still in the background.
We want them to think about the idea of adopting a pet from a shelter and look at us on Instagram, where you can choose a friend you like: -https://www.instagram.com/pets_kotopes/
Adopt a cat you really want.
In 2021, the Foundation, together with caring citizens, launched a program to sterilize stray cats in Almaty - #vesnakp
The purpose of the program is to sterilize cats and then release them to their habitat, where they are fed, and they, in turn, rid the basements of rodents. This is a positive experience of many countries, such as Georgia, Turkey, etc.

The activity of the fund is not limited only to the work of the shelter. At the same time, our fund helps the population in the treatment of animals, many who do not have the financial ability to cure a pet contact us and we treat their animals at the expense of the fund

Our sponsors, partially covering the needs of the shelter are:
  • компания Bayer (drugs)
  • Leroy Merlen (building zones in the shelter)
  • Nestle с торговой маркой Purina (food)
  • Mars Kazakhstan (food and carrying boxes)

Our Instagram profiles:
Selection of ready cats
1 500 subscribers

Help for emergency animals (Foundation page)
19 900 subscribers

Help for cats (shelter page)
11 200 subscribers
Link to Instagram profile with pets prepared for moving to a new home https://www.instagram.com/pets_kotopes/
Hashtag: #приюткп
A horizontal A3 file which will include:

1. Example of use of 3 digital led components. These components could be usage of social media platforms but also any other digital led execution.

2. A four part written submission (up to 600 words overall):
- Campaign Summary (up to 150 words)
- Creative insight - How can creativity help solve the problem using social media platforms and technology? (up to 150 words)
- Solution - the platforms, technology and tools used and why? (up to 150 words)
- How does it work? How will the digital solution help answer the brief and solve the problem faced by the client. (up to 150 words)

Text documents (.rtf or .txt) must also be available to view alongside each entry.
You can create as many online campaigns as you want and can.
No names, logos or any kind of information about participants on the creative work, please.
Files must be transferred via WeTransfer file sharing service. Internet link for the download must be provided to: official@canneslions.today until 21-00 +6GMT (Almaty time), 30th of April 2022.
Filename must be XX Digital YY where XX is the letter code of your country (KZ), YY is the number of your team (example KZ Digital 04). If you provide several digital ideas then add -01 or -02 to the name of the file (KZ Digital 04-01).
Criteria for the Digital Jury to be considered by your team:
- Created with the insights taken into account.

- Delivers a key benefit of the product/service.

- Has a strong potential for virality.

- Corresponds to the requirements and mandatories.
- If the idea is original for the category.
- If the idea is original for the market overall.

Criterion “Created in time” - to be set by the Organizer based on the time the work was received.
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