Young Lions Competitions Kazakhstan 2023
Print Jury
  • Тигран Геворгян
    Copywriter Team Lead
    Doping Creative Agency
    За последние 8 лет работал с глобальными брендами: Mercedes-Benz, UNFPA, Volvo, EWF и Globbing. Проекты получили награды, включая золото и Гран-при Red Apple, TAF, Gerety Awards, и др. Член жюри Balticbest, Red Apple и PHNX.
    Имеет степень магистра по связям с общественностью и десятилетний опыт работы в некоммерческих организациях по защите детей.
  • Мария Сибирцева
    Content Team Lead
    США, Украина
    Работает над креативными проектами, курирует создание контента и возглавляет отдел копирайтинга. Выступала на B2B Marketing London, Social Media Week Kyiv, Technology for Marketing London, Digital Enterprise Show Malaga и многих других мероприятиях. Также Мария имеет опыт работы в журналистике, увлекается визуальной культурой, писательством и путешествиями.
  • Дмитрий Аполенис
    Креативный директор
    AIDA Pioneer Branding & Creative
    18 лет опыта в брендинге и коммуникациях. В 2015-2021 агентство занимает первое место в рейтинге креативности Беларуси, в 2019-2021 - первое агентство в рейтинге эффективности Беларуси по версии Effie Awards. На текущий момент агентство #3 в Европе и #9 в мире в глобальном рейтинге эффективности Effie Index. В портфолио успешные брендинговые и креативные проекты для крупнейших национальных и зарубежных клиентов: Xiaomi, Danone, Mastercard, Carlsberg Group, АФК «Система», Concept Group, Erso, Альфа банк, Volkswagen, Ростех, Acoola, Санта бремор, Oazis, Unicef, и др.
    Агентство работает на рынках СНГ.
    Работы, созданные под его руководством, побеждали на международных фестивалях Effie Awards, White Square, Red Apple, КМФР, Golden Hummer, LAMA, Adprint, AdBlackSea, Adstars и др. Работал в жюри международных фестивалей рекламы.
  • Хуан Пабло Валенсия
    Креативный Директор
    TBWA\Central Asia & Caucasus
    Работает около 20 лет арт-директором, руководителем креативной группы, креативным директором, исполнительным креативным директором, региональным креативным директором и советником в Чили (BBDO и другие агентства), России (BBDO и Contrapunto), а также в Центральной Азии и Кавказском регионе (TBWA, CHEIL и FCB).
    Получил около 200 наград и знаков отличия на различных международных фестивалях, таких как Clio Healthcare, Epica Awards, Golden Drum, AD Stars, Creativity Awards, PIAF, Red Apple, Golden Hammer, KIAF, AD Black Sea, White Square, IDEA, Popok, ADCR, Лучшее Агентство в Центральной Азии и Кавказе и национальный диплом Cannes Lions Press, став самым награждаемым креативным директором всего региона, а также несколько лет подряд «агентством года» в регионе Центральной Азии.
    Хуан Пабло занимает 11-е место в мире как копирайтер и 30-е место в рейтинге арт-директоров в престижном журнале Luerzer's Archive за последние 10 лет.
Just Support Foundation with the Anti-bullying Community project
The project was created in August 2022.

Community Vision: We are committed to contributing to a bully-free society. Where situations of bullying and demand are identified and resolved, the solution finds support in all places. Where the mentality and adults and children - do not encourage exceptions and development of bullying situations, if they arise, find a unique and high-quality solution. To do this, we use various forms, means and tools: we develop
information and methodological materials, seminars, trainings, lectures, master-
minds, session news, festivals and other events are distributed both offline and
and online formats, develop new digital tools and platforms, initiate discussions and public discussions, work with the identification of identified bullying, providing information and expert support. We collect the maximum number of potential partners and stakeholders for this work.

Community Mission: We help people understand what bullying is, how to identify and deal with it, a significant zero tolerance for bullying, increase their volume right and
psychological competence.

Project goal: Creation and development of a community of parents, experienced employees of organizations education, and media representatives are capable owners of children under 18 from bullying.

Project objectives:
1) Help families who have applied for support cope with bullying by involving experts, other parents and conducting specific cases.
2) Create and develop a platform for communication and communication, involve stakeholders in your work: parents, teachers, media representatives, business structures and the state.
According to various estimates, up to 63% of school students in the Republic of Kazakhstan are subjected to some form of bullying (research by the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, Kazakhstani NGOs).

The experience of counseling at the Just Support Resource Center shows that bullying often becomes one of the most significant triggers for suicide attempts among adolescents.
In many countries of the world, anti-bullying programs have been introduced in educational organizations; this work has been carried out for the past 40 years. Our country is at the beginning of this path. So, in May 2022, the concept of bullying was included in a number of laws (the Law on the Rights of the Child, the Law on Education, etc.), the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 2022 developed and approved the "Rules for the prevention of bullying (bullying) of the child" for educational organizations.
At the same time, in the field, among teachers and the parent community, there is not enough knowledge and skills for full-fledged prevention and work with the topic of bullying. They receive regulatory documents prescribing to work with this topic, but almost do not have the necessary competencies and tools for this. We made this conclusion as a result of a year of work and consideration of 80 cases from different regions.

At the level of educational organizations: in most educational institutions in Kazakhstan, bullying is considered the norm and/or hushed up. Teachers believe that this is a stage of socialization (children grow up like this) or they do not know how to work with prevention and a detected case (they do not know theory and practice). Also, schools usually do not want to “wash dirty linen in public”, they prefer to leave the issue within the school at any cost.
At the family level: parents have low legal and psychological literacy, do not know what to do in situations of bullying and how to identify them.
At the level of children: children do not report cases of bullying until it reaches extreme degrees of manifestation. Because of the fear that this is “squealing”, that it will be worse, that their parents will punish them, that their parents already have so many problems, etc.
At the project level: the project needs funding sources to continue its work.
Bullying is the most common form of violence that occurs between children and teenagers during their school years. Through the many forms in which this phenomenon manifests itself, it threatens the right of children to education and affects the life path of all children involved, regardless of the role they play. Although the study of this phenomenon began more than 40 years ago (Olweus, 1973, 1978), adults who are involved in the upbringing and care of children and adolescents (teachers, parents) still have serious gaps and difficulties in correctly defining bullying behavior and intervening in an appropriate way. to prevent it. Any process of intervention begins with the correct definition of the situation in which we want to intervene. Thus, in order to know what to do, we first need to know what we are facing. The correct definition of the situation is a necessary condition for successful intervention.

Bullying is a complex phenomenon that takes many forms, and the literature offers several points of view on its understanding. Bullying refers to such actions by which a person or a group of people deliberately and repeatedly intimidate, injure, offend, humiliate another person, subject to an imbalance of power between the person / group of people and the victim. The definition given by Olvaeus was used by all scientists who later began to study this phenomenon. This definition shows three criteria by which we can determine whether a behavior is bullying or not: repetitiveness, intentionality, power imbalance.
To better understand the behavior of bullying, we offer you the opportunity to analyze the situation in terms of three criteria:
1. Repeatability criteria
Bullying behavior does not happen once, it repeats.

2. Criterion of intentionality
It is behavior that is done with the intent to hurt, and not by chance or as a result of experiencing the emotion of anger (for example, aggressive behavior resulting from experiencing an emotion such as anger or frustration). That is why in the specialized literature bullying is defined as a form of instrumental aggression, that is, aggression that is used to gain something: status, power, prestige, popularity, respect, etc.

3. Strength criterion
Some children and teenagers think that they have certain things that make them look better than others, more privileged, important, powerful. Power simply means the ability to cause another person to change or react in the desired direction. Simply put, power means the ability to get another person to do what you want. All people learn to use their power in a healthy way so as not to harm themselves or others. Strength is like a double-edged sword. We need to learn how to use it so as not to harm ourselves and others. Children learn to use power from the examples of the adults around them.
Mechanism for the implementation of the Anti-bullying Community project:

1) A family experiencing bullying submits an online application to the community.
Community experts gather a council and jointly decide what ways to help and
support can be applied.
The services of all specialists are free for the family (we pay for them through donor contributions).
At the head of all decisions and actions taken is the priority of the interests of the child.

2) We conduct information campaigns on social networks (Instagram and Facebook), as well as offline - a press conference, a film screening, a flash mob.

3) Together with the Commissioner for Children's Rights of Almaty, we have already developed and submitted to the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Protocol on working with bullying for educational organizations."

4) We developed a free online course for teachers and parents to prevent and solve the problem of bullying https://stepik.org/course/140006/promo
Attracting the attention of the audience to the problem of bullying and ways to solve and prevent it:
  • Create awareness of the problem of bullying.
  • Involve the public in solving the problem of bullying and its prevention through participation in the “Anti-bullying community”.
Parents of schoolchildren: 35-45 years old, mostly women who have encountered a problem or want to avoid it in the future (the child goes to school / moves to a new school).
Today's parents of schoolchildren faced bullying when they themselves were schoolchildren. Someone was a victim, someone was an aggressor, and most were observers. But, now they believe that the time of bullying has passed, as well as the time of yard gangs, gopniks, although fear still remains deep in their souls. But this fear is hidden behind the daily care of the house, sticking to social networks and work. Until they stumble upon terrible facts in the media or already in their family.
Learn more about bullying on our resources and get involved in the prevention and fight against it through any tools of your choice: recognize bullying and resolve conflict manifestations yourself, teach children about recognizing and resisting bullying, seek the help of professional psychologists and mediators in our community, make donor contributions to pay for the work of psychologists and mediators.

“When you get involved in the fight against bullying, you create a safer world for kids.” We want to call for joining forces to reduce bullying in schools.

Community Partners
- Angel Children's Safety Center, which trains child safety trainers.
- KazNU named after Al-Farabi
- Network of Youth Health Centers
- NGO Family Support Center "Family Academy"
- Department of Education of Almaty
- Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Community symbol
Capybara. Good-natured, harmless and memorable animal.
Selected through polls and voting among children.

World Anti-bullying Day - May 4th.
1. Single double page spread A3 landscape print ad (42 x 29.7cm)
2. The written explanation (300 words) in a separate vertical “.pdf” file A4:
  • Cultural/context information (150 words). Please explain any cultural terms, references or context which you feel need explanation.
  • Insight (150 words). Please explain the insight and strategy behind your work. Target audience, relevance to the brief
You can create as many Print ads as you want and can.
All texts and titles must be in English.

“Comments kill”

Children can be very angry in real life and even angrier on the internet. Social networks give them the freedom of anonymity and mob mentality. If five people leave hate comments under their classmates’ Tiktok, 200 others will join them. It turns into a trend, and even adults can comment on something toxic. And it doesn’t matter that it’s just a teenager on the receiving end. Cyberbullying can put a child in a very dark place mentally. Comments kill. The ad is targeted towards parents of the bullied kids
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“When will it end?”

Sometimes school feels like a real prison for children. Teachers are evil jailers with tactless remarks, and classmates seem to form violent groups designed to suppress and humiliate you. Like a prisoner, you count hours before today ends, days — before summer break starts. When will it all end? When you turn to us for help. The ad is targeted towards parents of the bullied kids
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“Mom, we were just playing!”

Cultural context:
If you’re telling on your bullies, you are a tattletale, right? Children in Kazakhstan are often afraid to admit to their parents that they are being bullied at school. Why? There are many reasons. The main one — they’re afraid that with adult intervention it will get worse. Therefore, they cover up the bullies.

When a child is afraid of being known as a sneak, they will hide the bullying from their parents. Is everything okay at school? Of course! Why did that girl push you? It was just a joke. And why is the whole uniform covered in dirt? We were just playing, mom! But if Mom is on her guard, she will notice the lie, document the bullying and contact us. The ad is targeted towards parents of the bullied kids
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“How do you know? ”

When you buy a school uniform for a child, you don't know who will wear it. Yes, at home, this is your favorite baby, the most talented, kind, and charming child on earth. What's he like at school? Maybe he's doing well, and everyone wants to be friends with him. But what if he’s not? What if he's being bullied at school? Or he is the bully? How do you know? Contact us and we will help you. The ad is targeted towards parents of the bullied kids
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“Summer isn’t escape”

All students are waiting for summer. But some are waiting for him especially much - and not because you can take a break from lessons. But because it is in the summer that you can avoid bullying from classmates. The ad is targeted towards parents of the bullied kids
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"From School as from war"

Bullying is one of the most common forms of human harm that requires a word first. Bullying can take many forms:
  • spreading rumors
  • threat
  • natural or verbal assault
  • exclusion from the group of children, isolation
  • other gestures or actions that harm the child directly or indirectly.
The younger generation becomes crueler every year, mocking their peers for any forms that are not typical for their perception. Everyone felt that pain from words that pierce worse than a bullet. And over the years this wound does not heal. War is the most terrible phenomenon in the humanity’s history and more unimaginable to send child to war, which no mother would agree to do that. The most frequent phrases from parents, when child return from an intense game, during which their hair was disheveled or their favorite T-shirt was torn, are “you seem to have come back from the war”- which for some, it can be a reality and hide the daily kombat for immunity. Bullying is a kind of war and the child, like a soldier, who is trying to defend himself and keep himself safe atschool grounds. And every day returning home is like returning home from the front, where it is warm, cozy and safe.
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The paw can checkmate too, but… Bullying is the most common phenomenon in the schools. Children's not grown minds hot enough stronger and do not understand what damage they inflict to others. The result of bullying is a division between people, namely the renunciation of a group of schoolchildren against one. For the younger generation, this trauma is imprinted for life and few people can subsequently cope with injustice. Chess personifies schoolchildren from different classes, where one of them is the richer, more successful and cool guys belittle, in their opinion, unworthy peers for them. Strength in unity, inherent in nature. A pawn, having limited possibilities of a move, can also checkmate. Dividing and belittling people based on class, race, or physical differences diminishes your chances of winning the battle called "life.
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Bullying is one of the most common forms of aggression, especially among children at school. Bullying can manifest itself both in moral and in its original form over a person. Through bullying, a person wants to assert himself and stand out among the crowd, but only the victim of bullying experiences and moves away from the crowd. One of the main tools of bullying is the word and psychological pressure on the victim. The psychological state of children in the big world is not stable, the influence of cellular games, the Internet, as well as the lack of moral support from parents. The younger the kid, the more he is praised for his success. But the older the child gets, the more he fails. Towards the often occurring warm phenomena, the child often hears violations from peers, only because he may not be like everyone else. This is completed by a believing child in himself, by gaining more and more unsuccessful ones for himself, as a result of which the child’s faith burns out and kills everyone, like a fallen part of a jenga.

Everything that is put into children's minds by parents breaks down when the child meets with bullying. The turning point is a school in which angry and cruel children do not choose expressions for their emotions.

The children's world will collapse sooner or later. Your task is to save the child from selfdestruction
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Children are very active and inquisitive, so they don't care much about what happens to their clothes and personal belongings. Parents scold children for this, because children's mischievous behaviour add more stress to their busy lives. Parents are always busy: washing, cleaning, cooking, working and helping the child with homework. Their whole day is scheduled by the minute and when their schedule is disrupted due to the child's naughtiness they start to get angry and scold them. Therefore, they may not notice when a child has adversaries at school, focusing on what they see. Bullying also damages the child's personal belongings, but because of other children who may cause him physical harm. But due to the fact that dirty clothes are a common occurrence for parents, they do not always think about how they became dirty. We encourage parents to take care of the physical and mental health of the child, reminding that belongings are not that important, the most important issue is what your child feels and it is in your power to change the situation and stop bullying at school by taking the necessary measures.
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Children skip school from time to time. Faced with this, the parent scolds the child and asks the question: "why aren't you at school?". The question is often asked aggressively, in order to reprimand the child, and not to find out the reason for absenteeism. Due to the fact that parents often scold the child for skipping classes and insisting that school should not be skipped, the child is afraid to say that he is uncomfortable at school and ask his parents for help. We want to encourage parents to pay attention to their child's relationship with peers. The reason for absenteeism can be bullying. The child does not want to go to school because he is scared. If you do not start fighting this, then bullying will continue, which will cause irreparable damage to the child.
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As they grow up, all children get minor injuries: scratches, bruises. Parents are used to this and always take the necessary measures so that the injury does not cause more serious health problems. To cure a scratch, it is enough to treat the wound and cover it with a plaster. But the injuries caused by bullying at school cannot be cured with a Band-Aid. One patch is not enough to get rid of the problem. We urge parents to pay attention not only to the physical injuries themselves, but also to the cause of the injuries, because it may be bullying at school. It is important to pay attention to when your child comes with injuries and find out the cause of them.
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In any school class parents create a shared chat on WhatsApp or Telegram to discuss issues related to any class activity. Including the relationship of children in the classroom. The parent chat is designed to monitor any issues and promptly solve them together with other parents. If a parent has left the chat, then his child is no longer studying at this school for any of the possible reasons. When a parent complains that his child is being bullied by other children at school, this is the problem of all parents. After all, every child in the class can suffer because of this, including the aggressor himself. We urge parents not to ignore the problem, but to unite and work together, in the correct way to explain to children how not to act and how to protect themselves. After all, only if all parents unite, we will be able to create a safe world for all children.
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The insight is that bullying not only causes immediate harm to a victim, but can also have serious long-term physical and mental health consequences. It is therefore important to stop bullying at an early stage to prevent the negative consequences and to help a victim regain a healthy relationship and self-trust. This underscores the need to pay attention to the problem of bullying and take action to stop it.

Bullying is a serious problem that can have long-term negative effects on physical and mental health of a victim. If bullying is not stopped early, it can become chronic and go on for a long time. The victim may experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, and low self-esteem. These emotional problems can lead to poor academic performance, social isolation, and the development of physical illness. In light of this we have displayed a bill on the poster with possible consequences of bullying, which not only negatively affects a person's life in the future, but can also lead to suicide. The main message of this poster is to encourage parents to take action to prevent bullying at an early stage.
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Just because you don't see your kids bullied doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Cyberbullying is aggressive behavior that takes place in an online environment such as social media, messengers or online games. It can manifest itself in the form of abusive comments, threats, distribution of intimate photos and videos, etc. Most of the time cyberbullying takes place anonymously, which makes it even more dangerous. In this poster we show parents that even though over the years people may have stopped writing insults on the street walls, bullying is still going on. This poster urges parents to pay attention to bullying on social media.
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Cultural information:
When it comes to choosing a name for their child, mothers do so with utmost love and respect, and tend to put a lot of thought and meaning into it. Nevertheless, in the future the child’s name might be replaced by an offensive nickname at school. Every mother wants to provide her child with the best experience and wants their children to live the best life possible. However, none of them don't even realize that their child might become the subject of bullying at school.

Almost every child could face bullying at school. We deliver this insight as a fact that parents avoid most of the time. According to research, up to 63% of school students in the Republic of Kazakhstan are subjected to some form of bullying. (research by the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, Kazakhstani NGOs). However, we believe that metric might be underreported and is not a real representation of the situation, when in reality the situation might be even worse. People need to accept the fact that bullying might be a big problem in their child’s everyday life. And take steps to prevent it or exterminate it. Our strategy is to fight against bullying before it spreads into and becomes even a bigger issue in childrens’ lives.
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Cultural information:
Model, astronaut, actor, singer… Every child dreams about their future jobs. In graduation yearbooks everyone leaves a comment to their future self and friends write wishes and messages of support to each other. However, some of them rarely open it afterwards because it brings up unpleasant memories and reminds them about people who used to bully them. Nowadays, adults try not to remember and tend to suppress a lot of things from their youth and don’t want to return to their school. One of the main reasons is because of bullying they had experienced in the past.

Before we realize and be aware of the increasing bullying problem and fight against it, it may become worse and spread even more. The future of the victim would be destroyed.
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Cultural information:
Every child dreamed about superpowers to avoid problems in everyday life. Teleportation, levitation, invisibility or reading people’s minds. When you are a child, you don’t think about worldly values. You just want your life to get better with the superpowers.

Did you go to school with pleasure and without any fear? Have you ever dreamed about school bullies disappearing? Or anyone else for that matter, as bullied kids start to feel distrust towards everyone around them. The insight of the print is a peaceful place without any bullies or anyone else. Everyone would disappear. Except the lonely kid in a locker.
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Cultural/contextual information:
In Kazakhstan, as in many post-Soviet countries, the mentality of weak vs. strong is still highly prevalent. Our parents had no choice but to fend for themselves back when they were little against yard gangs and gopniks. Now that they’re grown and the threat of a bully is a distant memory, they focus of the positive outcomes of their childhood experiences, possibly to cope with the trauma. They say going through struggles and facing adversity made them stronger, more confident and resilient. So it’s largely seen as a rite of passage that builds character instead of a highly traumatic experience with long-lasting damages.

Our target audience is already aware of the issue. What they lack is a sense of urgency to be more proactive. The choices we made are supposed to rile up their anxiety and fear of uncertainty. The visual shows two different outcomes of bullying. One of them is a reflection of the current mindset: your child will learn to deal with bullies and feel empowered. The other one gives an alternative reality: your child will be irreparably damaged by trauma. The toss of a coin represents an uncertainty, a 50/50 chance of either occurring. Putting the responsibility of dealing with bullies on children, we’re basically gambling on their future. The use of such words as “risk”, “bet”, “violence” is deliberate as well to emphasize those fears and the seriousness of the situation. Our solution is giving them power to influence the outcome by joining the community of likeminded people and professionals.
Ваш оценка

The big bold statement in the middle is supposed to attract attention. It’s a sad thought commonly associated with depression and hopelessness. An empathetic reader will stop to find out what’s wrong, a curious mind will want to know who’s talking. We wanted to send a message to the audience directly from the company. The added context reveals that it’s a plea to join the fight against bullying. Only with the help of a driven community @bullyingkaz could actually create a better and safer world for children. When that dream becomes a reality, they will cease to be needed. So it’s a hopeful statement after all.
Ваш оценка

Cultural/contextual information:
Children don’t tell their parents everything. It’s prevalent all over the world, but in Kazakhstan there are several specific factors that make an open dialogue between generations even less of a thing: - Kazakhstan is still quite conservative. Traditional Kazakh families tend to be strict about some things like grades, dating and manners, but neglectful in others like children’s emotional needs and wants. - Openly discussing mental health issues is not the norm. Some particularly old-school parents think that only weak or lazy people can get depressed, or flat-out refuse to believe that such thing exists. - A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck and work long hours to feed their families, which doesn’t leave them any time or energy to spend time with their children. All of these factors are contributing to the problem, which is – parents have a shallow understanding of their children’s experiences at school.

The focus here is on prevention or intervention at the earliest opportunity. In order to do that parents need to pay attention, so we show them in a casual conversation that children can and will lie for various reasons. They might be ashamed to tell, scared of repercussions or believe that they won’t be met with understanding. The child’s part of the dialogue is supposed to be interactive. By peeling the stickers off you reveal what they really want to say. In this case, the implication is that the kid is scared of going back to school or spend time with classmates. We encourage parents to educate themselves about bullying with the help of @bullyingkaz to recognize the signs in time to prevent some serious harm.
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A child who is being bullied often cannot cope with the situation alone. To overcome fear and insecurity, they need the support of adults to give them the strength to fight back.

We used the image of combat paint, which is used for protection, camouflage, as well as for reflecting strength and readiness for battle. The paint is applied in the colors of the brand, specifically chosen by parents and professionals from the Anti-Bullying community. This shows that only by working together can we defeat bullying.
Ваш оценка

In most educational institutions in Kazakhstan, bullying is considered the norm and hushed up. Parents have low legal and psychological literacy; they do not know what to do in cases of bullying and how to identify them. And when they seek advice and opinions, they hear justifications from others that "these are just kids and they are just playing."

We will show that bullying is not a game, even if it may seem that way from the outside.
Ваш оценка

The counseling experience of the "Just Support" resource center shows that bullying often becomes one of the significant triggers for suicide attempts among teenagers. And in less critical cases, it leads to psychological problems in adult life. At the same time, there is a stereotype that bullying is a stage of socialization, a school of life that will help children become stronger and learn to cope with difficulties.

We used the image of the canonical fairy tale about bullying - "The Ugly Duckling," who was able to overcome his problems and turn into a beautiful swan. Many parents orient themselves to this fairy tale, comparing children facing bullying to "ugly ducklings." However, statistics show that the ending of the story is not always happy
Ваш оценка

Parents of a child who is a victim of bullying may feel guilt, shame, anger, pain, and helplessness. As a result, instead of providing support and empathy, they may lash out with advice and accusations such as, "Why didn't you fight back?!", "Don't be a pushover!", "It's your own fault," and so on. This causes the child to distance themselves and the situation to only worsen.

We will show that wrong actions can lead to even greater consequences and the task of the parent is to learn how to behave correctly. The Anti-bullying community can help with this.
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“Kick me”

Usually aggressors in school look for a victim who will not be able to resist and use different forms of abuse so that the victim cannot report the problem and bullying. There are many forms of bullying and some things that may seem harmless at first glance are not an exception. The "KICK ME" sticker is one of such forms. Usually, it is inconspicuously stuck on the back, encouraging other schoolchildren to be part of the bullying. This creates an unhealthy society of aggressors, victims, and silent bystanders. The "KICK ME" sticker on the child's back is a symbol of the verbal and physical abuse that can occur in schools and other settings. The second sticker with “HELP” means that we want to call for joining forces to reduce bullying in schools. It highlights the need for individuals to stand up against bullying, to report it when they become a witness.

In schools, children learn not only basic knowledge but also social life with other people. And if we teach children to pay attention to things that may seem harmless, we can create a safer environment for our children.
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"The Sims"

The Sims is a series of very popular life simulation computer games. All characters in the game have an indicator - red, yellow, or green. The color changes depending on the character's state. If it turns red, it means the character is not doing well.

Bullying does not have a bright indicator. There are no ready-made hints on what to do when encountering it. That's why it's important to learn how to see its signals, identify and react correctly. And Bullingkaz can help with that.
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“Guess the word”

Hangman is a classic brain teaser game that has gained popularity, especially in the CIS countries. It's an excellent way to pass the time during school breaks with friends. All you need is a pen and paper. The game has been passed down from generation to generation, with our parents teaching us how to play. The rules are straightforward: one player selects a word and draws a dash for each letter. The other players take turns guessing letters, one at a time. If a letter is correct, the first player writes it above the corresponding dash. But if the guess is wrong, the player begins drawing a gallows, with one line added for each incorrect letter. The other players must try to guess the word before the gallows is complete.

Bullying is a widespread problem that affects many children and parents today. For those who have experienced it firsthand, the memories and fear can linger for years, impacting their daily lives. It's crucial to recognize that taking action against bullying is necessary, and it starts with identifying the behavior and teaching children to speak out against it. Creating a safe and supportive environment where victims can seek help is also essential, as well as educating teachers and school staff on how to recognize and address bullying. The involvement of parents and community members in anti-bullying efforts is equally important. By working together, we can create a society that does not tolerate bullying and protects our children from harm. Every step taken to combat bullying can make a difference and prevent terrible consequences, such as children taking their own lives.
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“Bullying affects us all”

Do you remember those old photos taken to commemorate school days? They capture the entire class together, and are meant to evoke warm memories of school and friendships. However, not all students have had the privilege of being part of a close-knit class. For many, bullying incidents in school are painful memories they would rather forget, whether they were victims, aggressors, or witnesses. Unfortunately, such traumas can leave lasting effects that affect all members of society. Our use of these memory photos serves to remind us that bullying is a problem that affects everyone, and that each of us can play a role in preventing and stopping it, regardless of our individual circumstances.

Bullying in school is a big problem that affects not only the victim, but also the aggressor and the witnesses. The victim suffers from physical and emotional harm, the aggressor may have underlying issues that need to be addressed, and the witnesses may struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, or fear for not speaking up. It is important to recognize that everyone has a role to play in preventing bullying. Victims can be supported and protected by the school community. Aggressors can receive the necessary intervention and learn alternative ways of dealing with conflicts. Witnesses can to speak up and report incidents of bullying, and can also play a positive role in creating a safe and inclusive school environment by promoting kindness and empathy. By recognizing the different roles that each person can play, we can create a culture of respect and inclusion, where bullying is not tolerated and everyone will feels safe and valued.
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“Investigation board”

Investigators use a board of evidence to find connections between suspects and different pieces of information. Key moments are marked with a red thread.

Everyone is responsible for bullying, but not everyone understands this. It is not enough to simply not be an aggressor. How the witnesses react, how the parents raise their children, what actions the teacher takes, and how the victim behaves - each action can put an end to bullying. But to take responsibility for bullying, everyone must understand that they are part of the problem.
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The insight is that bullying not only causes immediate harm to a victim, but can also have serious long-term physical and mental health consequences. It is therefore important to stop bullying at an early stage to prevent the negative consequences and to help a victim regain a healthy relationship and self-trust. This underscores the need to pay attention to the problem of bullying and take action to stop it.

Bullying is a serious problem that can have long-term negative effects on physical and mental health of a victim. If bullying is not stopped early, it can become chronic and go on for a long time. The victim may experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, and low self-esteem. These emotional problems can lead to poor academic performance, social isolation, and the development of physical illness. In light of this we have displayed a bill on the poster with possible consequences of bullying, which not only negatively affects a person's life in the future, but can also lead to suicide. The main message of this poster is to encourage parents to take action to prevent bullying at an early stage.
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The mechanics of bowling and bullying have several things in common. In bowling game, players try to throw a ball and hit the pins to knock them down as much as possible. Bullying also has an attacker who tries to hit the victim with words or actions. When interacting with peers, children may also try to "knock down" others to stand out or accentuate their power.

Just like in bowling game, there are potential victims in bullying who can be "knocked down" and left unprotected. Like the pins in a bowling game, victims of bullying can be damaged, injured, and even broken by constant attacks. This can lead to serious consequences, including low self-esteem, depression and despair. Thus, we can say that bullying and bowling have a metaphorical relationship in that they both involve attackers and potential victims, and can have serious consequences for participants. As in a bowling game, we need to provide a safe environment and protection for all in order to prevent the negative consequences of bullying and to help victims get out of it. To that end, our poster depicts a battered pin that is the victim of an act of aggression. The fragility of the pin here is associated with a child's unstable mental condition, which is very easy to affect. Regardless of the damage, the pin continues to stand, but that does not mean that it is not a victim of bullying.
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