Young Lions Competitions Uzbekistan 2022
Зокир Халматов
MA’NO Branding
Эркен Кагаров
Арт-директор и дизайнер
Россия, Казахстан, Узбекистан
Берик Ергалиев
Mehrli Maktab - Project of the Flagship Hospital School "Mehrli Maktab" to provide preschool and general secondary education to children undergoing long-term treatment at the Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Clinical Immunology of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Children who are on long-term treatment at the Center for Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Clinical Immunology do not have conditions for continuing education during their stay at the Center. The duration of treatment, depending on the disease, can be from 1 month to the life of the patient.

The purpose of the school:
- To contribute to the realization of the guaranteed right of the child to receive a quality and affordable education in conditions of long-term treatment and the inability to attend a regular school or kindergarten.
- To help abstracting children from hospital life.
- To positively assist in the recreation of children after receiving chemical therapy.

Until 2022, the average number of children undergoing long-term treatment per year was 600. Of these, about 450 children did not attend educational institutions for the entire year. In 2022, the number of Center patients is expected to be 1,000. 750 of them will not be able to attend educational institutions.

"Mehrli maktab" project is being implemented to provide access to education. This project includes a hospital educational organization.

The methodology of the Mehrli maktab school educational program is developed in partnership with the Dmitry Rogachev National Medical Research Center for Child Hematology, Oncology and Immunology of the Russian Federation, Professor Sergey Vitalyevich Sharikov, head of “Uchim Znayem” Hospital Schools Project.

Teachers and psychologists at the school were selected by the responsible agencies on a competitive basis. Since March 2022, teachers have been participating in online trainings on working with children with cancer by the “UchimZnayem” school (Russia).
- Children from 1.5 to 18 years of age who are in long-term treatment at the Center.
- Their family members.
- Potential partners.
A hospital educational organization is an organization that carries out educational activities on basic and additional general educational programs, where children in need of long-term treatment are educated. The educational process of the hospital school performs not only an educational function, but also contributes to the rehabilitation, adaptation, and socialization of the child after the disease or injury, forms the incentives for a speedy recovery.
We need a visual identification of hope, the desire to live and enjoyment by every day of life.
For hospital school children, it is a symbol of freedom, hope, education, and creativity. The identity will be used on purchased items (uniforms, protective gear), in the digital environment (news feeds, web page, social media), in printed materials (letterheads, flyers, banners), and in outdoor advertising.

There is a full educational friendly environment in children's hospitals for children who are undergoing long-term treatment and are therefore isolated from learning in regular schools.

Equipping the school "Mehrli maktab" considers the specific medical requirements. Furniture, technical equipment is subject to daily sanitary treatment. Considering the immunodeficiency of children, the school is equipped with hypoallergenic equipment. Only digitized textbooks and books are used in the educational process.

The schedule of lessons is prepared individually in consultation with doctors, considering the health status and capabilities of each child.

An electronic system for tracking, monitoring, and compiling a daily list of children who will be able to attend classes is being developed for interaction between teachers and medical staff.
1. A horizontal A3 design which will include:
- A logo/brand identity including 3 visuals of how this identity would look in the real world
- 150 word description of how the brand identity fits the brief
- 150 word description of how this brand would evolve
2. English language.
3. “.pdf” format.
4. You can create as many designs as you want and can.

No names, logos or any kind of information about participants on the creative work, please.
Files must be transferred via WeTransfer file sharing service. Internet link for the download must be provided to: official@canneslions.today until 20-00 +5GMT (Tashkent time), 30th of April 2022.
Filename must start from XX Design YY where XX is the letter code of your country (UZ) and YY is the number of your team (example UZ Design 01). If you provide several works then add -01 or -02 to the name of the file (UZ Design 01-01).











Организатор конкурса Молодые Львы Узбекистана 2022
Школа Креативной Смелости Асхата Ускембаева
- Тренинговая и консалтинговая компания, работающая с рекламодателями, коммуникационными агентствами, ВУЗами в Казахстане, России, странах Центральной Азии и Восточной Европы.
- Эксклюзивный официальный представитель Международного Фестиваля Креативности Каннские Львы в Казахстане, Кыргызстане, Узбекистане, включая крупнейшие региональные фестивали креативности Spikes Asia, eurobest, Dubai Lynx, AMES.
- Издатель книги "Аргумент в пользу креативности".
Партнеры конкурса Молодые Львы Узбекистана 2022
MA'NO Branding
Брендинговое агентство - 3 года подряд лучшее в Узбекистане и Центральной Азии.
Маркетинговая Ассоциация Узбекистана
Маркетинговая ассоциация Узбекистана – крупнейшее профессиональное сообщество Центральной Азии. Создано в декабре 2016 года. Сегодня Ассоциация – это более 120 компаний партнеров и более 100 экспертов в области маркетинга. Целью Ассоциации является объединение юридических лиц и экспертов, заинтересованных в развитии маркетинга в Узбекистане, представление профессиональных интересов, совершенствование профессиональных норм и развитие кадрового потенциала маркетинговой отрасли, международное сотрудничество в области маркетинга и рекламы.
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