Young Lions Competitions Kazakhstan 2022
Trading network of charitable clothing stores Likekomek in the city of Nur-Sultan. Shops accept unwanted clothes, shoes, bedding, toys and many other items, except for medicines. After sorting in the warehouse, the items are distributed to three stores and sold at prices ranging from 100 tenge to 5,000 tenge. Regardless of the price and value, be it a baby stroller or branded boots, the maximum price in the store is 5,000 tenge.

The shops were founded by the family of Daulet and Asemgul Keirebaev, who faced a lack of necessary items for life as a child, as they grew up in large families. They remember very well the time when they were helped by the people around them and two years ago they decided to create a store to help people in need and people who are rational about their lives.

The main principle with which Daulet and Asemgul go through life is a rational approach to clothing and other household items, which allows you to avoid getting into debts and loans. It is what they are trying to convey to society, and it is for this purpose that they do what they love, helping others to cover the needs for clothes and things necessary for everyday life at minimal cost.

In addition to working with stores, Likekomek actively cooperates with foundations that collect, deliver and distribute clothes and other important household items:
1. Charitable Foundation "Tomiris" (@fond_tomiris) donates things to low-income families in the villages of the North Kazakhstan region.
2. Charitable Foundation "Niet" (@niet4054) donates things to large families and single mothers in the city of Nur-Sultan.
3. The Charitable Foundation “Istoki Dobra” (@istoki_dobra_nursultan) donates things to needy families in the city of Nur-Sultan, as well as in the villages of the North Kazakhstan region.
Likekomek transfers a certain amount of things to the funds after sorting in the warehouse and agreeing on the desired type of things and items.
The modern way of life and the transition to a market economy constantly dictate to us the rule of "buy" and "take now, pay later." We are so accustomed to loans that even groceries and everyday items are often bought in installments and on credit, not to mention clothes, appliances, furniture and everything else. Overdebt leads to a skewed balance between the essentials of life and those that we peck at for momentary joy or a sense of superiority, as dictated by society and commercial brands.
We propose to learn to rationally treat life and create a balance in it, getting the necessary things and items at the lowest price. That's why we created our thrift stores. You can cover your needs for things, toys and more, leaving money for events and items that are very important to you - from a trip to a resort to studying at a desired school or university. You just need to change your lifestyle to a rational one.
  • There is a cycle of used cars in the world, which are usually sold and bought, but the same process in relation to things, shoes, bedding, toys, furniture is for some reason considered to be a shame, although the whole civilized world lives like this - in the cycle of things and items that work until they wear out or break.
We want to create awareness of a rational lifestyle, where basic needs for clothes, shoes, toys can be met at much lower costs with the help of Likekomek.
- People who are accustomed to buying everything in installments and on credit and who feel like constant debtors.
- Parents who spend a lot of money on children's things, not having time to realize that in six months their children will grow out of them.
- Students who often need money for non-material values (travel, study, online courses, entertainment).
We want them to pay attention to the Likekomek store, subscribe to the Instagram page to track the necessary assortment, or visit the store in person.

You can spend much less money on the essentials for the family, saving them for the most important things.

From May 2022, we begin cooperation with the private foundation "Charitable
Gabit Satmagambetov Foundation", which helps to do good for children (apartments, treatment and rehabilitation). We will be able to transfer part of the proceeds to the fund.
Already in 3 residential complexes of Nur-Sultan, with the help of sponsors, we have installed boxes for collecting things from residents, which are then sorted in our warehouse. We plan to expand the distribution of such boxes in the city and in the country.

We want the culture of sharing things to become the norm in our society. We need to solve our problems and overcome difficulties only together.
Name: Likekomek charity clothing stores in Nur-Sultan
QR code leading to Instagram profile Likekomek
1. Single double page spread A3 landscape print ad (42 x 29.7cm)
2. The written explanation (300 words) in a separate vertical “.pdf” file A4:
· Cultural/context information (150 words). Please explain any cultural terms, references or context which you feel need explanation.
· Insight (150 words). Please explain the insight and strategy behind your work. Target audience, relevance to the brief
You can create as many Print ads as you want and can.

All texts and titles must be in English.
All images must in CMYK mode with resolution of 300 dpi.
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Filename of the Explanation must correspond to the name of the file with the Ad.
Criteria for the Print Jury to be considered by your team:
- Created with the insights taken into account.

- Delivers a key benefit of the product/service.

- Has a strong potential for virality.

- Corresponds to the requirements and mandatories.
- If the idea is original for the category.
- If the idea is original for the market overall.

Criterion “Created in time” - to be set by the Organizer based on the time the work was received.
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