Работы созданные Молодыми Львами Казахстана в категории PRINT

Конкурсанты работали с 21 по 22 августа 2020

Print 01
Most of us have daily habits: buying coffee at the nearest coffee shop or snacking on our favorite chocolate bar with the sip of cold soda. These habits may be harmless, but they are certainly not good for the body in the current realities.
However, it is enough to slightly adjust your consumer behavior and your body will become more protected from viruses. For example, substitute the everyday consumption of soda with the Real Buratino, which strengthens the immune system due to its high level of vitamin C.

Cultural/context information
With our work, we want to spread the idea that if mothers do not buy non-healthy drinks to their children, if young people stop consuming energy drinks and if there is always a Real Buratino bottle on the table, then through the everyday boost of immune system it will become one of the ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from various diseases. By using the most recognizable image from the drinks advertisement and with a pinch of humour (there is already enough negativity around this year), we urge people to become more responsible for their health and the health of those around.

Print 02
Due to the weakly developed health care system in Kazakhstan, people tend to trust traditional medicine more and often resort to rather strange techniques and solutions, ignoring even the simplest recommendations of doctors to boost the immune system with the help of proved methods.
In our work, we want to convey the key idea to such people that the daily use of vitamin C is a much more efficient way to protect yourself and your loved ones form various viruses rather than relying on unverified traditional recipes.

Cultural/context information
At the peak of pandemic in Kazakhstan people started to massively buy ginger, believing that it prevents COVID-19 disease. As a result, the price of ginger increased by 1000% and later it disappeared from the shelves.
After a while, people thought that salt from the unique pink lake Kobeituz in Kazakhstan has healing properties and began to dig it up and take it out in unlimited quantities. In about one month the lake was simply "destroyed".
The population resorts to traditional medicine and buy vigorously everything that is claimed to have healing properties on the Internet, yet people forget to wear masks, use disinfectants, keep social distancing and ignore the proven methods of strengthening the immune system.

Print 03
"Don't lie to yourself that you are safe. Don't ignore the threat"
Many people believe that they will not be affected by the trouble, illness and problems associated with the coronavirus. They only pretend that they understand the full extent of the threat in order not to be judged by society. They follow or do not follow the rules because this is a new trend, without understanding the true reason. Our print is intended to remind you that these are not just words, not just jewel. All these things need to be used in real life, since now this is our new life. We use bright colors and a serious theme to highlight the infantilism of those people who don't follow the rules. The bright print is also intended to draw the attention of parents to their children who do not understand the threats and take responsibility for informing them.

Cultural/context information
Using the details of one of the most recognizable characters of the «Golden Key» (Malvina), we communicate that now it is important to take care of yourself and others, and not just give the appearance of responsibility Wearing a mask correctly, not pretending that you have one. Don't just know that vitamin C is useful, but use it regularly and help strengthen your body. The «Real Buratino» lemonade can help to achieve this, since it contains vitamin C. Now these are not just toys and jewel - it is a way to protect yourself and your beloved ones.

Print 04
"Buratino" is a story about caring for loved ones, their immunity and emotions, which you can convey by continuing to adhere to the rules.

Cultural/context information
With the onset of the epidemic, people are forced to adhere to rules that have changed their usual life: wearing masks, keeping distance, etc. As a result, social distance does not allow them to be closer to each other, to exchange feelings and emotions as vividly as before. It has become more difficult to take care of each other.

Print 05
"Buratino" is a fairy tale, and every fairy tale has a good ending. If we follow all the rules, we can quickly cope with this sad story, and end it happily.

Cultural/context information
The society, with the outbreak of the pandemic, lives in fear and constant stress for themselves and their families. The quarantine is being extended, which means that the bans become longer and, as a result, negative news appear.

Print 06
We decided to remind you that while the mask protects your family and friends, Buratino, with vitamin C, protects you.

Cultural/context information
We can't always follow everything around us. Especially in a situation of increased responsibility not only for ourselves, but also for the lives of people around us. It becomes more difficult to control and protect the immune system.

Print 07
"Buratino" has in its composition the very vitamin C that literally grows in it.

Cultural/context information
In this situation, it is important to monitor your immune system, thanks to vitamins and antibiotics. It is vitamin C, which is so necessary for maintaining the immune system, that is not enough, and this leads to additional stress.

Print 08
"Buratino" is the key to your immunity.

Cultural/context information
We can't always control what happens around us, but we can control our immune system.

Print 09
I saw this long list of recommendations, but I know - if you don't wear the mask, you have to pay a large fine! And so I will used only it.
We decided to remind people about the most important thing - strong immunity, and to tell that they have to protect yourself completely. We connected two image - the mask and vitamin C which complement together.
The source of vitamin C in our case is Real Buratino.
An additional element is a sign that the girl shows with her hand - instead "okay", we see the letter "C". Protect yourself completely, drink Buratino with vitamin C!

Cultural/context information
Everyone knows about the rules for preventing coronavirus, but they only remember one thing - to wear a mask. And it doesn't matter how. Other rules people are used rarely, or when it's too late. Because the rules work only in complex.

Print 10
I know that we must to follow the rules. But I'm afraid to offend my aunt/grandmother and just hope that nothing happens. By participating in all family events, they think they care about each other. But it's wrong!
We decided to show people that loving their family and supporting them now means being apart.
And for the feeling of the celebration, it is not at all necessary to get everyone together in one room.
This is real care during the pandemic.
And Real Buratino will give family a holiday and help to strengthen immune system with vitamin C!

Cultural/context information
Kazakh is a little crazy about family traditions. They love celebrations (toi - if you want to say it in Kazakh), birthdays and holidays. They love be together, be with family and always be in middle of celebration.
And even quarantine cannot stop them.
Don't let your aunt visit? Ashamed, she will get offended. Don't go to your second cousin's wedding? What disrespect for the family!

Print 11
I want to help my immune system but I don't know how. Although I remember from childhood, how my parents gave me vitamins and I loved them more than candy.
In the list of recommendations, the mentioning of taking vitamins often goes at the very end, after information about masks, distance and disinfection. Therefore, we decided to bring vitamin C to the first plan, so that by thinking about the mask, people would remember their favorite vitamins from their childhood ... and from their favorite childhood fairy tale.

Cultural/context information
For six months of quarantine, everyone has learned the rules for preventing coronavirus infection. It was shown on TV, played on the radio every hour, it was on social media and on all government sites, told by bloggers, brands and celebrities. Everybody knows that you need to support your health, but people still forget about the simplest way - vitamin C.

Print 12
This idea is based on the main rules of the world famous game Checkers, where an important condition is the distance between the figures, which is especially relevant today among people during a pandemic. The visual shows us how easy it is to comply with these conditions. Figures with «Buratino» portray that the drink has useful properties of vitamin C. That will serve as additional protection for those who consume it. This drink helps to increase immunity of people, thus helps them to fight the virus.Since the game of checkers is one of the most famous board games, the target audience of this advertisement is very wide, and the age of a potential consumer targeted by this advertisement can start from 6-7 years.

Cultural/context information
Checkers is a well-known and beloved game by many, which is based on the "step" of pieces in a certain color, thus, on the game field between the figures is constantly kept at a certain distance. With this example, we remind you how important it is to observe social distancing rule. So, to strengthen positions and more protection from the enemy in the face of coronavirus, "Buratino with Vitamin C" comes to the forefront, which will not only strengthen your immunity, but also help to win this game in the fight against the pandemic.

Print 13
The idea of this concept is that for the sake of general health and victory over the pandemic, sometimes it is worth deviating from the standards and traditions that are familiar and developed over the centuries. And even such a seemingly common thing as a nesting doll, or, transferring to the sphere of modern society, the holidays loved by many, mass entertainment and so on, requires changes and new rules. On the visual, we deliberately increased the distances inside the matryoshka, creating a certain distance between each part of it. Obviously, the essence of the toy does not change from such a change, but the potential danger of "infection" with a malicious virus is several times less. It is the same with people, sometimes it is worth reconsidering the view on certain things for the sake of the common good. But, in order not to completely change your usual way of life, and not to deny yourself all the pleasures at once, you can always enjoy the taste of the new Buratino, enriched with Vitamin C, the taste of which will not only remind you of a carefree childhood, but also strengthen the immune system with its new useful properties.

Cultural/context information
Matryoshka is a toy that is known all over the world, but its main principle, when each next part is tightly stored inside the previous one, it is contrary to modern standards of keeping distance, which are so important for maintaining general health and safety. We believe that in the current situation, everything, even children's games, should remind us of how important it is to maintain distance, and therefore increased the distance between the parts of the famous toy.But keep in mind that the distance should be kept namely between people. New BENEFICIAL "Buratino" drink, that is familiar to many just like Matryoshka doll is, has now innovative taste, design and added vitamin C. You can and should be along with new "Buratino", because of its positive impact to immune system, that will help to protect you and your children from various diseases, including coronavirus.

Print 14
Kazakhstani people are of the opinion that coronavirus is just a fairy tale. More suitably, a scary story akin to those that are used on kids to scare them into behaving.

Cultural/context information
Buratino is a cult classic of a character. For Kazakhstani people he is associated with the warmest memories of childhood and the nicest fairy tales known to all the post-Soviet generation of kids.
The pandemic in Kazakhstan revealed the growing ignorance of the nation that led to people neglecting the basic necessary precautions, which could have stopped the spread of the virus. There are wild rumors going around about coronavirus being a hoax, a conspiracy to limit people's freedom.
We decided to show that coronavirus is not a fantasy, and remind everyone of doctors' recommendations on preventative measures for COVID 19, following which people would live longer healthier life: wearing masks, gloves, using sanitizers and upping their consumption of vitamin C (a major ingredient in "Buratino").

Print 15
As the years go by we start to regret the time wasted on insignificant things. We often wish to go back to the past and spend that time differently.

Cultural/context information
Due to the pandemic Kazakhstani people are forced to put their plans on hold. Now instead of planning a family vacation or going out with friends, we are isolating at home, which takes away from our most precious resource – time.
To catch up we need to follow the doctors' recommendations in order to live a long and healthy life: wearing masks, using sanitizers, social distancing and strengthening the immune system with vitamin C. The later is an important ingredient in everyone's childhood favorite lemonade "Buratino".

Print 16
In 1975 a movie came out named «The adventures of Buratino». The main character became immediately popular and the song «BU-RA-TI-NO» turned into a cult classic in USSR. The song is still relevant and recognizable today; the familiar tune quickly bringing to mind the first letters of the legendary character's name and the sweet memories of a happy childhood and fairy tales associated with it.

Cultural/context information
Any pandemic to occur throughout human history has had terrible consequences. Just like in classic Tarantino movies that became famous worldwide for being unapologetically brutal.
However, if we follow all the safety precautions such as wearing masks, washing hands properly, social distancing and strengthening the immune system, the danger can be avoided. Let it stay on the screen. One of the ways to help the immune system is by drinking «Buratino» lemonade, which has all the vitamin C to stay healthy.

Print 17
Birthday is a special day for us. On this day people usually wish for you to live a long and healthy life.

Cultural/context information
During the self-isolation Kazakhstani people has been getting increasingly fearful and anxious of the future. In order to bring the end of the quarantine a bit closer we need to follow doctors' recommendations. Aside from wearing masks, social distancing and using sanitizers, medical professionals recommend strengthening the immune system with vitamin C, which is a major ingredient in «Buratino» lemonade. Thanks to the lemonade we can become healthier and live longer.

Print 18
According to our culture, the word of elders is law. We are conditioned to agree with everything they say and never talk back. We respect them too much and don't want to let them down.

Cultural/context information
Our grandparents worry a lot about us during the self-isolation; they often call, text, ask if we have all the medicine we might need or if we go out to the crowded places. Even if we do disregard our safety sometimes, we still try our best to do everything they ask of us to make them happy.
When it comes to the coronavirus prevention older people are in agreeance with medical professionals. They advice wearing masks, sanitizing our hands, social distancing and strengthening the immune system with vitamin C, which is one of the ingredients in everyone's childhood favorite "Buratino" lemonade.

Print 19
Diseases can be cured for a long time, and the best way is to prevent it. Almost everyone knows that, but only few improves their immunity.
Our print says, you can improve your immunity simply drinking "Real Buratino" with vitamin C.

Print 20
1) We make a crossover of two fairy tales. We show that Koshei is so afraid of Covid that he seeks help of Buratino and Vitamin C to defend his weakest spot. Thus, we show in entertaining way that Buratino is capable to help to live longer even to the powerful sorcerer.
2) We also show that our heroes stay at home – which is best strategy to be escape Covid.
3) This idea can be shown in other stories with different heroes. Like using horcruxes for Mr "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" in Harry Potter saga. Or in the universe of The Lord Of The Rings – with the magic ring itself and Sauron. All these stories share the concept of immortal villain who hides his soul inside a magic subject – and Buratino can help them!

Cultural/context information
1) Koschei the Immortal is a villain in Slavik folklore whose soul is hidden separate from his body inside a needle, which is in an egg, which is in a duck, which is in a hare, which is in an iron chest. As long as his soul is safe, he cannot die. That is, the fragile needle is the most important thing for Koschei, his source of immortality.
2) The magical clew was used to find the way to Koscheis castle in the famous fairy tale.
3) The Image of Koschei and the chest with his soul is well known to our target audience, as they have grown up on fairy tales about him.

Print 21
Every fairy tale should teach something good.
The shortest fairy tale with a happy ending.

Print 22
Everyone is looking for coronavirus cure.
Delicious medicine with vitamin C.

Print 23
The goal of the print was to deliver the message that "Real Buratino" cares about the health of the consumer and contributes to the fight and prevention of coronavirus - it is important for the consumer to see this when choosing products. We showed that Buratino is an expert in security measures - he doesn't even need to carry a ruler with him. In the print we used a visual trick - Buratino's nose becomes one and a half meters long and has marks. So we deliver a simple message - you can count on him.

Cultural/context information
Everyone already knows by heart the recommendations and safety rules during pandemic. Including what does the one and a half meters distance means. Just like wearing masks and avoiding unnecessary contacts, distancing has become a marker - if a person observes it, it means that he is conscientious and takes the problem seriously.
Despite the similarity to Pinocchio, Buratino has differences though. His nose doesn't lengthen from lying.


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