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Конкурсанты работали с 21 по 23 августа 2020
Категория FILM
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Film 01
Insight: For a sane person, the pandemic is so obvious that it is no necessity to see examples of death to believe in it.
Trick: Even a blind man sees a pandemic.
Idea: This video is about a person who doubts the coronavirus. He does not see it, does not notice, does not observe. At the end of the video, we find out that the person is blind. That is why he does not see the coronavirus, but he hears about it - and this information is enough to make the right decisions and observe safety measures.

People refuse to comply with the sanitary epidemiological requirements because the pandemic is invisible to them. Most of them walk around their neighborhoods and the people around them do not fall on the street and suffocate from pneumonia.

Film 02
Insight: In a pandemic world, real clowns are people who don't wear masks.
Idea: People without masks are so comical that ordinary clowns had nothing on them. The man without mask is an idol of clown art that is worshiped.

1) Clowns are people wearing makeup masks to amuse people.
2) Clown is also an insult to a person who considers himself like a smart.

Film 03
Truth of life: Compared to a gas mask or holding the breath of a free diver, the mask does not interfere with breathing at all.
Idea: With a mask, you can breathe better than many people in other situations. Without a mask, you cannot breathe at all.

People find silly excuses not to wear masks during a pandemic. The most principal of them sounds like: "I can't breathe in mask".

Film 04
It is human nature to block fear. And he does it in various ways. Someone protests or shows aggression, and someone is completely closed from the society. Considering coronavirus phenomena, we can say that today the media manipulate people with a fear of death and fines for violating quarantine. This exhausts a person and forces them to stay ineffective in front of the virus.
In our video, we decided to convey that people should observe safety measures not out of fear of getting sick, but out of love for our loved ones and relatives. This idea is expressed through the characters' memories of our loved ones when they follow safety rules and what they do after that (put on a mask correctly, use antiseptic, etc.). We aimed to change the audience's perception and change direction from a negative context to warmer feelings.

For every Kazakhstani, love and caring for loved ones, and respect for elders are essential. Family, children, family values , and traditions have always been the basis of our society and culture. That is why we have chosen the image of a family, a child and a loved one as the central symbol because the family and loved ones are the primary sources of love. This should remind every Kazakhstani for what he must observe security measures. And if poets praise love in poetry, writers in prose, then our people do it through the silent deeds shown in the video.

Film 05
In the video, a hand scrolling photos on his smartphone. These are photos of different people in different situations: an elderly person plays chess in the yard, tourists take a joyful selfie while traveling, a happy family paints the walls of a house or relaxes on the sea, friends pose for a general photo at a party. But in each of the photographs one or more people are cut out.

The problem: every day in the world a variety of people die, and it's hard for loved ones to accept.
Solution: follow to the simplest safety rules in a pandemic, observe them. Do not be indifferent to the death of people around you, as it can affect you and your loved ones.
How will compliance with safety measures help us? People together will be able to get out of this if they follow to simple rules (wear masks, observe the rules of hygiene and social distance, do simple exercises).
Do not sadden the happy moments of your life, take safety measures.

Film 06
The guy finds himself in a room with strangers of different ages, social levels and nationalities. There are revolvers on the table. The characters load the guns with a single cylinder, spin the drum, and aiming to each other. The game begins. The only one who feels emotions and understands what is happening is a guy. Before the moment of shots, he closes his eyes and finds himself in reality waiting for the Elevator. When doors open, he sees the same characters without masks, realizing the danger they are putting themselves and others in. He puts on a mask and goes to them anyway.

Russian roulette symbolizes the senseless risk that we expose ourselves to without regularly putting on a mask, while at the same time we can kill another person.
We will not know who this person is. Will he die or stay alive? The disease affects all people. Different nationalities, different ages and social levels.
These people are not commanded by anyone, they do not conspire to threaten the life of another person and themselves.
After imagining this meaningless game, the main character comes to realize that he is responsible for his own life and the lives of other people. However, he understands that life goes on and there is no escape from the threat, but it can be prevented.
By his example, he tries to let the public know about the problem.

Film 07
The ads start with changing frames that show Kazakh celebration events called toi (even if it is strongly restricted by the WHO and the government) and victims of coronavirus. On background, a narrator read a famous poem of Abai Qunanbaiuly about specifics of the nation that can celebrate and die at the same time and he blames us for such actions.
Then we see a short interview with a passer and interviewer ask him why he does not wear a mask and he cannot answer looking on camera with a devious look in his eyes.
After a pause we see photos of real victims of corona from Kazakhstan and the narrator dedicate the video to all victims calling for uniting against the virus or we may not have the second chance.

1. The changing frames at the beginning of the video from celebrations and victims of corona show people the consequences of their behavior.
2. A short interviews where the passer could not answer for simple question make viewers ask this question for themselves "why we abuse the rules?".
3. Abai Qunanbaiuly is one of the most respectable historical persons in Kazakh history and he calls the nation to be rational and clever and stop doing unwise things. 4. The video closes with an absurd and viral phrase in Kazakhstan "Coronavirus go out" which was created when our nations did not believe in a pandemic. But this time it sounds tragic.
5. According to the brief on of the reasons why people do not follow the rules against coronavirus is its "invisibility" for them so at the end of the ads, we showed real victims of pandemic. Relatives of them shared these photos to warn the nation.

Film 08
Main character - woman is coming to the bathroom and starts using different hygiene products not on purpose. She starts using toothbrush as a brush for eyebrows, licking roll-on antiperspirant, dipping tampons in tea - all these things she is doing in a row with a mask, putting on not properly. By this we wanted people to understand that a mask is the same hygiene product and should be worn properly.

Film 09
Man sitting with closed eyes by the mask. He sees nothing. World counter of coronavirus cases is down below and showing constant increase in cases. When the man puts the mask properly - on his mouth and nose, the world counter stops. Message appears.


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